Public transport systems harbor a wide variety of bacteria and viruses from each rider touching rails, arm rests, seats and windows.

Cold and flu season makes it easy to share the same confined air with coughing and sneezing commuters. During warm weather, exposed skin from shorts and t-shirts allow commuters to share skin to surface contact on seats and rails left by the previous commuter.

Enviro-Mist Inc. provides service that eradicates pathogens keeping commuters and drivers healthy. The technologies we deploy can be for a corrective eradication or a routine preventive maintenance application.
Services include both eradication of bacteria and viruses as well as a protective coating to extend the treatment and limit the ability to share pathogens.

Both surface and air treatments are available.

Some corrective applications can be scheduled during weekend or down times while some preventive options can operate while the bus is in service with passengers on board. Call to schedule a consultation for your city or university transportation system.

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