Providing powerful and consistent
decontamination services for multiple industries

Enviro-Mist Inc. has become the forerunner of contract sterilizing services nationwide. Delivering consistent and effective results that are verified by independent testing, biological indicators and our satisfied clients.

We specialize in the disinfecting of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. However, our services include multiple disciplines that allow us to service a great number of vertical markets. Contract services that benefit industries requiring a sterile environment or those that simply benefit from thorough bio-decontamination.

Enviro-Mist Effectiveness

With the ability to treat both surfaces and air Enviro-Mist Inc. employs technologies that completely eradicate any biological or chemical pathogens with a consistent and EPA labeled 6-log reduction. Qualified teams provide quick, low profile deployments for corrective treatments or pre-planned sterilizing services throughout the contiguous U.S


Fast Aeration Times

We consistently aerate a 200,000 cubic foot facility in 8 hours.


Using Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide technology that consistently provides a 6-log reduction of pathogens. Non corrosive or toxic like Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor or Silver Nitrates.

Reduced Down Time

Highly trained teams can work round-the-clock shifts to get you back into production on time!

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