Pharma & Life Sciences

Enviro-Mist Inc. has experience in providing the consistent results that the Pharma & Life Sciences industry requires.

Specializing in treatments that limit down time and loss of production. Clients like Pfizer can attest that our level of service and consistency outperform other firms.

6-log reduction of biological and chemical pathogens

Delivering an array of sterilizing services that can address your time and occupancy needs in locations such as:


Ranging From:

  • Injectables
  • General Production
  • Research & Development

Life Sciences


  • BSL-3
  • BSL-4


Such as:

  • 503b
  • 503a
  • Nutraceuticals

Enviro-Mist Inc. is an experienced firm available to service your needs throughout the U.S. Pre-planned sterilizing services are available to harmonize with a your annual or semi-annual shut downs. Rapid and low profile deployment for unplanned events is also available.

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