Why Enviro-Mist

Enviro-Mist Inc. is a high-level disinfecting and sterilizing firm recognized as a leader in our industry.

 We provided emergency response during the Ebola scare. In addition, we have been sterilizing pharmaceutical manufacturing plants across the nation for years. We are fully insured, and our firm has certifications that verify our thorough grasp of the world of pathogens. Our founder has 25 year of bio-hazard experience and multi-discipline knowledge in any given microbial application. While our nation is learning how to navigate through the first pandemic to hit the U.S, this is not our first pandemic. We are uniquely qualified to offer solutions that allow companies to remain safe and operational.

Businesses trying to keep their staff and clients safe are now faced with a ‘Buyer Beware market.

Remember, just because a company has a product that is on the EPA List N. (approved for use on SARS-CoV-2) doesn’t mean they have the experience to use it. Further, companies that came to market during 2020 with little or no prior experience, are generally uninsurable due to the stringent insurance guidelines that govern the industry.

Enviro-Mist Inc. has prepared and planned for such emergencies for years, and has developed quick, seamless plans forward to minimize risk and quickly contain any issue with the best technologies available in the industry.

What to do

A comprehensive disinfecting response is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan. Mindful of this, we have multiple technologies, as well as experienced and certified technicians that can design protocols and equipment recommendations that will be exactly what you need to eradicate pathogens and work within any budget or rapid time-line constraints.

We specialize and offer consultations including the following:

What to know about COVID-19

“Everything we do before a pandemic seems alarmist… everything done afterwards seems inadequate.”

You may be worried about the emergence of the latest Coronavirus (Covid19). This page is designed to provide information that will inform without alarm. At Enviro-Mist, we have a history of eradicating pathogens – from the newsworthy to the common – therefore we tend to be concerned with any organization that capitalizes on the public’s lack of knowledge regarding the world of pathogens.

What we know

  • Covid19 is the newest version of the Coronavirus. Yes, there were previous versions. Some you’ve heard about: SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) are also a Coronavirus.
  • Primary transmissions are from airborne droplets from sneezing or coughing.
  • Transmission from surfaces is a secondary method.
  • No vaccine is available to fight the virus inside the body.
  • We employ technology that can eradicate any virus on surfaces as well as the air.

What we don't know with certainty

  • How long Covid19 stays suspended in the air.
  • Its survival rate on surfaces.
  • Most viruses – survive 2 hours or less on surfaces. However, according “The Journal of Hospital Infection” (a peer reviewed medical journal) previous versions of Coronavirus have lived on plastic, glass and metals for up to 9 days.

What can a person do?

Do what you should always do during Flu season.

Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Make a conscious effort to avoid touching surfaces.

Make a greater effort to avoid touching your face

Use your wing or Vampire stance to protect others from your cough.

If you must be in public, maintain a 3-meter space between individuals.

Maintain as clean an environment as possible.

Keep hand sanitizer on hand and moisturize before using sanitizer. If you moisturize afterwards it lessens the efficacy.

Does disinfecting help?

Absolutely, and we use EPA registered technologies that have a perfect track record agains all pathogens it has been challenged with including: Ebola, SARS, C.diff, Staph, MRSA, H1N1, Norovirus, Salmonella, and others.

Although we can eradicate or deactivate any pathogen known to man, disinfecting firms cannot guarantee that you wont get sick. If killing germs were enough, we’d have no diseases at all. There are simply too many ways for a virus or bacteria to enter the body. Disinfecting is simply the most pro-active preventative step and the most potent corrective action to prevent the spread of disease on surfaces and air.

Disinfecting can do two things.

  1. Inactivate any enveloped or non-enveloped virus, spore, chemical or biological agent on any surface or in the air.


  2. Provide a protective coating or barrier on surfaces that will rupture or inactivate pathogens on contact.

Understanding those guidelines, a disinfecting firm can be a part of your first steps as a preventative measure or the more serious corrective step after an occurrence.

Here's a preventative step

After a thorough cleaning of your home or facility, the application of a bio-static coating can cut down the transmission of germs from surfaces.

How it works:

The biostatic molecule is comprised of two parts – a polymer foot attached to a long chain of methyl group molecules. When applied to a surface, the polymer foot covalently bonds to the surface while the positively charged methyl chain points away from the surface. In effect, the biostatic coating resembles a series of needles bonded to a surface.

Through ionic attraction, negatively charged microbes are drawn onto the positively charged surface treated with Biostat.

Upon contact, the methyl group long chained molecules of the biostatic coating penetrate and compromise the lipid bilayer of cellular membrane. As a result of intercellular hydrostatic pressure the lipid bilayer fails and the microorganism is destroyed. Cellular death is achieved without the use of toxic or volatile chemicals.

Enviro Mist Biostatic Process

Here's a corrective step

have surfaces and/or air treated with an EPA registered product that specifically addresses what you are dealing with.

What to do:

A corrective step is to have surfaces and/or air treated with an EPA registered product that specifically addresses what you are dealing with. Because Covid19 is a new virus, no specific EPA call-outs are available. There are a number of products listed as “approved for use”. Choose one that has a specific EPA call-out for SARS or MERS – since that is the closest match for disinfecting purposes.

After years of field experience and use, our corrective tool of choice is Steramist. Comprised of only 7.8% hydrogen peroxide while leaving no residue and remaining non-toxic, Steramist leaves behind only oxygen and humidity that evaporates quickly. Most importantly, it delivers the highest and most consistent efficacy—a six-log kill (99.9999%) on nearly all pathogens we encounter in the world of professional disinfecting and decontamination.

Coronavirus Deactivation

See how we do it

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