Schools and Universities

Protecting the interest of Schools who strive to maintain attendance levels or Universities that must manage the health of their student population.

Treatments that eradicate and provide a protective layer on surfaces keep students in classrooms and can prevent contagious outbreaks in student housing and athletic training facilities.


Enviro-Mist Inc. Services and Technologies

Enviro-Mist Inc. offers services that treat surfaces and air. Eradicating bacteria, viruses and mold. Experienced in after hours and weekend deployments to keep school closings and outbreaks to a minimum. Able to treat common seasonal afflictions as well as the unique and random virus that appears on campus. Tuberculous, meningitis, Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, ring worm to name a few.
Offering technologies that are either corrective or preventative. From powerful fogging treatments that eradicate any biological or chemical pathogen to retrofit technologies for your HVAC system to provide protection during school hours while classrooms are occupied.

Schedule a consultation to see how a pre-planned maintenance schedule can provide the following benefits:

Keep students safe
Eliminate overtime costs for staff or outsourced surface cleaning after an event
Prevent seasonal closures due to sever outbreaks of sickness
Protect annual budgets from loss of revenue caused from school closures
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